3 Powerful Daily Tips To Refill Your 
Empty Vessel With Love and Energy

By March 2, 2016Self Care

“Self-love is NOT selfishness…you cannot serve from an empty vessel.” – ELEANOR BROWN

Do you second guess yourself and seek outside validation instead of trusting your own gut instincts?

Do you feel like you have lost important parts of yourself?

If so, apply these 3 powerful daily tips to refill your empty vessel with plenty of love and energy:

1. Forgive yourself: When I lived in Hawaii I was introduced to a beautiful healing practice called Ho’oponopono, which is a powerful process to release memories that are experienced as problems.

The long form: I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
The short form: I love you. Thank you.
*Repeat out loud as many times as possible in front of a mirror or during a meditation/prayer

If you think negative thoughts and beat yourself up, practice Ho’oponopono to push the ‘reset” button and tap into your inner Buddha that knows exactly WHO you are and WHAT you need!

2. Take care of YOU: Make the time to nourish yourself through good nutrition, proper sleep, healthy activities/exercise, and positive social interactions. Most importantly…LAUGH A LOT!

3. Carefully select your tribe: Get rid of anyone who is negative, doesn’t want the best for you, or drains your energy. Protect yourself by choosing people who support and inspire you to be the best version of yourself!

When you are able to develop a self-concept that is secure and loving, then you are able to have a strong foundation for creating healthy, positive, relationships with others.


…Having an inner confidence that you can handle whatever is thrown at you, no matter what the challenge.


…Believing that you are able to create your life exactly as you dream it to be!

That’s the beauty of self-love!

Are you a woman feeling at the crossroads of burnout and fatigue?

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You CAN go from “imagining” to living it.

I did.

You can too.

Join me?

~ Peggy

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